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HPP update

For all those who are waiting for our high pressure pasteurization machine WATERTORR: No news is good news in this case, everything goes as expected, we do not foresee hurdles which may impede us have our first machine certified in a few months time. It seems clear that planification is not our best strength. We have already all the materials for the assembly, a web page is being prepared for these machines Watertorr, and our designers are already designing the next model, bigger and more efficient. Some patents have been registered to improve what is today in the market of the HPP machines, and because we are also developing a new Watercut pastry cutting machine, our designers team is very busy these days. Please keep coming to this page for updates.


In the mean time, please accept our apologies for the problems we have had with our web page. We have had some intermittent availability problems with it. Nothing to do with viruses, just a computer problem already solved. Now it seems much faster than before. Anyway we will have a new web page arriving during this summer, ready also for cell phones and tablets.


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