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Double saw machine

List of components and characteristics:

-          Two bandsaw blades of 4 kW to cut frozen fish of 3500 mm length

-          Two conveyor belts with regulated speed (0-200 mm/s) by frecuency converter

-          Two laser projectors are used for positioning the tuna (5mW – Class 2)

-          Distance of the blades electrically regulated (18-100 mm) with push buttom

-          Security locks on the saw doors

Frozen tuna double saw cutting machine
Double saw machine

Frozen tuna logs double saw cutting machine with manual loading, pulled by a PVC conveyor belt.

The distance between the band saws is adjustable to allow a tablet of tuna, containing the spine and the bone, to be cut into logs. One of the band saws stay fixed while the other one is drifted with two spindles driven by an electric motor.

To align the spine-bone with the saws, the fish is loaded where two laser projectors light the correct position where the operator can align the cut the easiest way possible.

On the tuna some bars are placed to avoid moving during the cut.

On the left side of the loaded position there is a control panel (start, stop, width regulation, speed, emergency buttom, reset)



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