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Potable water at more than 3000 bar passes through a nozzle of diameter between 0.1 and 0.2 mm (0.004" to 0.008"). The resulting jet cleanly cuts the product, both fresh or frozen, respecting the cold chain.

The cutting machine needs to operate a water pump that works on the principle of hydraulic pressure intensifier. According to the model, the pump can be integrated in the cutting machine or it can be external to the machine, it can even be installed at some distance from it.

The cuts can be straight or curved. The quality of the cut depends on the type of product, temperature and cutting speed. An average speed of cut is estimated between 50 and 80 mm/s. For some products it can be lower than this rate, say 15 mm/s, while for some "demi-froids", mousses or biscuit , the speed can reach 150 mm/s.

In our machines, with a patented mechanism, the jet remains static over a hole in the cutting table, and it is the grid that supports the product which moves between the jet and the hole. This provides important advantages for cleaning the machine and for the cutting quality.

The operator selects a program in the touch screen. The product is placed on a rectangular grid of 600 x 400 mm of useful cutting area, which is manually entered into the machine and put over a sliding ring. This ring can perform rotations and translations, which combined, the desired cut shape 
is achieved.  

The machine can store 500 different programs. The most standard programs are preprogrammed. Different software options allow our clients to develop new cuts load them into the machine using a USB stick.


KMT-Waterjet is our main supplier in high pressure components.



 The advantages of using machines Watercut are:

  • Elimination of molds and knives.
  • Hygiene is unsurpassed in the cutting process.
  • Perfect finishes, even in difficult products.
  • Ability to create new forms and products.
  • Very high productivity of hand labor.





 Ultrasonic cutting


A generator makes vibrate a blade of titanium at a frequency of 20 to 40 kHz. This causes an imperceptible movement which increases the cutting capacity and penetration of the blade, avoiding most adherences. The result, a precise and fast cut.

The operator selects a cutting program on the screen. The product is positioned on a rectangular tray of 600 x 400 mm useful area (or other measures). This tray is introduced into the machine over a sliding ring, which with rotations and translations moves the cake under the vibrating blade. Cuts are done with the ring stopped and with a vertical motion mechanism of the vibrating blade.

The machine can store up to 500 different programs. The most common are pre-programmed into the software. Each client can do his own programs and store them in the machine using a USB stick.


The benefits of the ultrasonic blade cutting are:

- High productivity in specific products.

- Simplicity of installation. 


 Mechanical cutting


Classiccut cutters use double toothed horizontal reciprocating blades. The blades descend vertically onto the product to be cut, allowing all kinds of straight cuts across a product from side to side.   


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