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This company has recieved a 50% confinanced aid from the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF 2014-2020 Operation Program of Navarra

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Water jet cutting/slicing machines for pastry


In METRONICS TECHNOLOGIES SL we specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of food cutting machinery. Our specialty are the waterjet cutters for pastry, where we lead the waterjet market with our range Watercut.


Clean cut, superb finishing of cakes, cool chain unaltered, high added value cakes with shapes and a significant reduction of hand labour are achieved at the same time with our Watercut waterjet machines.


The waterjet model LC Watercut was the star in the Paris exhibition Europain 2010 becoming the waterjet cutter for pastry most compact ever built. In early 2012 we introduced the model Watercut LX, which replaces and improves the LC model, and it is the most affordable waterjet cutter for pastry. In 2013 we have launched the model Watercut LC TOP CLEAN, which is our top model and gets 3500 bar instantly and has improved silence conditions and is an easy-to-clean machine. 


Welcome to our new website. We invite you to browse our new videos. All our videos are now in Youtube: Waterjet videos are accessed with the keyword "Watercutslicing", Ultrasonic videos with the keyword "Soniccutslicing", and finally, our range of automated blade saw machines, mainly for fishblocks and tuna loins, can be accessed with the keyword "Classiccutslicing".


METRONICS TECHNOLOGIES SL has also exhibited lately in Belgium, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Munich, Madrid, Las Vegas... The USA market has welcomed very very warmly our technology. We have 13 Watercut waterjet cutting machines in the USA.


KMT Waterjet, from Baxter Spring, KS, is our main provider of high pressure components. We have been collaborating with them for 12 years. Spare parts are easily available all over the States.


Today, waterjet for pastry is a widely spread technology in Europe. Our customers include pastry manufacturing companies of all kinds, some very small, other very large, supermarket oriented pastry manufacturers and also two french pastry champions, one european champion, and one world champion of first line contests.


We kindly ask you to listen to the complete interview made to our first american customer. It is in our waterjet videos. Similar comments are made by our older customers in Spain, where we started with these machines for pastry in 2003. Our first machine is still working 16 hours a day, accompanied by a younger sister born a couple of years later.




Welcome to our web site, enjoy our videos, and do not hesitate to ask us any question you may have!




You do not have to go on reading, I´m just going to write some stuff so our friend Goo... can find us.

Tart cutting is wonderful, cake and pastry are cut with with waterjet or water jet, with high pressure water, high pressure cutting for food is our specialty. Very good also at making slices of tarts, cakes and pastry, frozen is ok, refrigerated is Ok as well. Today pastry cooks cut frozen pastry more and more. The cool chain must be respected. High added value shape pastry cutting is the future for every pastry cook who wants to make a jump in his market position. We sell ultrasonic cutting machines, mechanical cutting machines, but our specialty are waterjet cutting machines for pastry. We are an engineering company and also make special projects. Among them, the biggest installation of waterjet in the world, with 372 nozzles working at the same time at a pressure of some 44.000 psi.(3000bar). Making slices out of a fishblock is also other of our specialties. Our continuous thickness control software minimises waste, because the last slice will be inside thickness parameters. Tuna fish, fishblocks, tuna or fish loins can be cut with our saw blade mechanical cutters.

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